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Beginning a career in an industry that rules the world, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. Being a dreamer, becoming a something was not a huge deal for me although making a difference was.

Often people would ask what I did for a job, they'd be surprised that that was even a 'job'. I now know that era of my career was special, not everyman and his dog were doing what i did.

No, that was something that fuel my heart with fire to burn the furnace.

2006 I embarked on a journey that has been something more than just a job. Setting out I boarded the beauty industry train, loaded with everything from plumping your lips, tattooing your face, understanding the skin & its faults, removing hair & adding hair! (The list could go on) above that becoming the best & cheapest therapy sessions you could ever ask for.

Leaving a job with security and a reasonably decent wage, that fire to burn egged me to do it, my question to myself was ‘Am I truly happy?’ (are you ever happy in a ‘job’? ) The answer kept coming back to me obviously I’m not or why am I asking myself this question! The gut does not just randomly ask how your day is, so enrolling on a course to learn the art of lash extensions accrued a year of umming are arring if that was the right thing to do.

Is there ever a right or wrong thing to do though?

The course is expensive! will I succeed? who’s going to ever want to come to me? There’re so many people doing it, it’s hard, it’s going to take me ages to get good at it blah blah blah blah blah! The fear had kicked in, the thoughts were being answered by her.

Now, I bought in to a lot of those thoughts a put off my training, when I finally had the courage to see out the next step of my journey it all somewhat started to make sense.

The creative essence started flowing, not in only creating beautiful work, I got to create my brand, me, my business, create a uniqueness that screamed everything I wanted it to be channeling through different sources. The money started flowing, the brand started evolving, the spaces started evolving, the highs and the low flowing everyday creating dances with each other you become so very familiar with, that the fear starts to dissipate, choices become clearer, the love for it is deeper than the surface, it’s not just a ‘business’ it’s a something you’ve created, watched, tended to, nurtured through years of hard work, it’s something more than a business.

The question I have seen occur over past years: ‘Is starting a business hard?’

From my experience, if you have the idea and the essence of the business has passion & honestly behind it the creative flare explodes and the owner of this has to learn to adapt to the expansion of this so quickly. Do I think ‘keeping the passion behind that idea is hard once you reach the outside world is hard?’ Then yes, the outside world has a way of redefining you, in positive & negative, its like the ying and the yang, if you can learn to observe the ying & the yang, reflect & then pursue you will have a clearer outlook in the ups and the down of business, the same as in our everyday life we have the ying and the yang presenting what they must to help us create the choices we need.

So, my question to you:

If you have the passion for something, that drive that goes so deep that keeps egging you in a direction that fear starts to kick in and question YOU of your logic, why are you not pursuing it?