This is Beauty Box, my name is Megan Moon, I’m the founder of this business. 

Beauty Box was founded in 2012, initially as a mobile business. At the time, there weren’t many technicians on the Gold Coast, and I was extremely busy working out of pharmacies, beauty salons, and providing home visits.

Demand for my services quickly grew, and I soon found a salon to grow into and build my services up & create a safe place for clients to come to.

Over the last ten years I’ve invested in countless lash and brow trainings, mindset courses, business development, and personal growth – and am delighted to share my knowledge and experience with people who are new to the industry. My Academy (offers numerous courses to help technicians develop the skills they need to succeed in this fast-growing industry. I’ve also designed my own Product Range for eyelash technicians which are high-quality, easy to use, and increasingly popular within Australia.

I’m passionate about helping people to achieve their lash and brow goals – whether it’s creating the perfect set for my clients, helping an Academy student build their career, or providing high-quality products for technicians all over the country – I got you.

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