This course is suitable for technicians that are complete beginners and just starting out their careers in the lash world or a refresher for those who are wishing to deepen their knowledge and build confidence. It entails the background and technical skills for the basics of lashing and teaches you the skills you would need to enter the volume world of lashing.

This course runs for 3 days

Days run from 8:30am - 4:00pm

A brief overview of what the course covers:

Our course runs 3 days face to face with our trainer, 8:30am – 5pm each day.

Theory Classic Lashes, what you need to know:

MODULE 1 – History of eyelash extensions, cost vs profit, tools and materials for our trade

MODULE 2 – Health & safety, hygiene & regulations, area set up & product knowledge

MODULE 3 - Anatomy, physiology and pathology of the human eye

MODULE 4 - Contradictions and how to deal with them

MODULE 5 - Eye shapes, lash styles and how they best suit your clients creating lash looks

MODULE 6 - Lash preparation, patch testing, taping methods, lash extension application

MODULE 7 - Removals, infills and touch ups, speed and timings of applications

MODULE 8 - Post lash care, tips and tricks, troubleshooting

MODULE 9 – Product information, servicing clients and your ideal client

How to apply theory into practical everyday:

MODULE 10 – Work area preparation, mannequin practice and practical applications on models

Watch a lash application, lash removal, lash infill LIVE

MODULE 11 – Marketing/ business and social media skills to start up a lash business

MODULE 12 – Finance and business setup

MODULE 13 - Photography guru teach different angles/ lighting tips and tricks

Theory Volume

A brief overview of what the course covers:

Module 1 - Russian volume history 

Module 2 - All about fans, techniques in volume pick up & what one works best for you.

Module 3 - Classics vs Hybrids vs Volumes explained

Module 4 - Breakdown of lash types, weight, curls & thickness for volume 

Module 5 - Adhesives explained & equipment & tools needed

Module 6 - Touch base full set & infill coverage, taping methods & cleaning prep

Module 7 -  All about retention

Module 8 - Speed up application methods

Module 9 - Practice making fans & placement 

Module 10 – 4 hours of application (will need 1 model)

Module 11 - Transitioning from classic to volume

Module 12 - Styling tips & corrections, mixing your curls up, how to add depth & texture to your sets

Module 13 - Pricing your services correctly & how to define your perfect client 

That’s the overview of the course, what you will walk away with?

  • Extensive knowledge on theory, practical assessing, business skills./ setup & the confidence to start your lash career
  • Information manual with notes & assessments from course
  • Post course assessment including case study review, feedback & support
  • Ongoing support through our facebook group, email or phone
  • Certificate with Lash Inc accreditation upon completion
  • 20% off on all your lash supplies for life through Beauty Box
  • Notifications of jobs in the industry within Beauty Box

Post course assessment – Transition stage to lash technician

We use a competency based training approach to teaching & learning that allows our students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in the workplace by applying what they learn and their experiences from the training program. Competency based training is learner focused and is a natural fit to independent study.  Your trainer will guide you through the process as this method allows a student to learn at their own pace, practicing and refining through each case study.

During the days with your trainer at the academy, you will be required to submit independent case studies to perfect the skills and knowledge you have learned. You will need to complete the following to a competent standard:

  • Two full eyelash extension sets
  • One infill eyelash extension sets
  • One removal of lashes
  • Volume set of eyelash extension sets

Once completed the course you will be able to proficiently perform Classic 1:1 Eyelash Extensions & have the knowledge to go out and provide volume lash services, providing you with knowledge to create a income with low outlay on successful completion of this course.

Cost of course: $2,498 (Kit not included)

Lash kit $400 to purchase, valued at $800 to get you started: The kit includes, tweezer set classic & volume 20 x lash trays, lash tiles glue, glue holder, remover, cleanser, mascara wands, cleaning wands, tape, eyepads, cotton tips, cotton pads, vaseline, scissors, tape dispenser, fan, mirror, mannequin head, practice lash strips and a travel lash box

Payment plans available if needed. 

Limited to 2 spots available per course enquire for more information.