A little self love for lash techs

Booking appointments back to back without little to no breaks, or even a chance to leave the lash bed cannot be good for our self.

Knowing you should hold yourself, sit up straight during appointments, move when necessary, but its comfier to slouch into our seats and move when needed.

Do you ever pack your gym gear before work, you do a day of lashing and walk out the door absolutely wrecked that you forget the gym gear and drive straight home?

Oh i know this.. far to well, i've been there, it is not fun, your brain needs a rest, a little self love would not go astray.

I thought i'd share a little yoga with stretches specifically aimed at artists that sit & excel in fine motor skills for hours at a time, to loosen up your body before  your start or wind down for the day.

Find some space, tune in & mellow out.

M xo