Beauty Box

My Lamination Master Pro Kit


Master Pro Kit has everything Lash and Brow Master needs!

Lifting Cream+ (5 x 1.5ml sachets)

Neutralising Cream + (5 x 1.5ml sachets)

Hydrating Serum (5 x 1.5ml sachets).

Vitamin LashBrow Mask 15ml

Blue and Pink shields box (includes 5 pairs of Pink (round) shields: S, M, XM, L and XL plus 5 pairs of Blue (flat) shields S, M, XM, L and XL)

Cleansing Foam 50 ml

Cleansing Brush

Star and Diva Brush Set

My Lamination Adhesive

The Luxe 2 in 1 Lifting tool (Patented, 12 months warranty)

Lash Colour Blu Black

Brow Colour Light Brown

Brow Colour Brown

Brow Colour Chestnut

Brow Colour Graphite

Colour Oxidant

Glass mixing ring

Brow Lamination Brushes

Mascara Brushes


Eyelid Tape

Under Eye Patches

You save over $80 with this kit

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