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Beauty Sleep Lash Masks


Want to protect your lashes while you sleep?

These custom-made eye masks are designed for Lash Extensions, keeping your gorgeous lashes intact whilst you slumber. You'll never "squash" your lashes into the pillow again, and you'll avoid that half-asleep eye rub too!

Take your "beauty sleep" to the next level!

Designed as a one-size-fits-all, the silky elastic band is stretchy and flexible, promoting a perfect fit. Keep it clean by popping it into a delicate bag, then into your washing machine.

  • Keep lashes safe while sleeping.
  • Block out bright lights to promote uninterrupted sleep.
  • Comfortable to wear, and perfect for travel.
  • Elastic band designed to fit all heads.
  • Washing machine safe.
  • Dimensions: 23cm x 10cm
  • Available in 2 colours, Black & Pink

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