A brow lift is also known as brow lamination, however the main difference is we use one of a kind, superior French made product that won’t damage your brows - YUMI™. This service breaks the bonds of the brow hair much like a lash lift, and resets it into a desired position. This desired position is a an upwards brushed looking brow. It is best for helping to straighten unruly, curly/wavy hair, or hair that grows in an unusual direction. It is perfect for achieving that beachy brow or fluffy model looking brow. Not only does it create a brushed fluffy appearance, it also helps disguise patches in the brows as the hair is brushed to sit over the gap. If you want easier to maintain brows and don’t want to spend hours trying to fix your brows in place, this is a must try! It is European made, ammonia free, paraben free, non toxic, hypoallergenic, making it the most superior product available to date. Not only does the product not damage hair, it is vegan friendly and is not tested on animals! Formulated by Swiss derma-pigmentologist, this product is completely safe helping to nourish and repair brow hair. After the brows are lifted we will treat your brows with a keratin treatment to lock in moisture and nourish the bonds of your hair.

Application times can be anywhere from 45min - 1.5hr