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BB Tweezer 002


Our tweezer range has been lovingly designed by lash techs FOR lash techs.

Our team use these tweezers in our salon every day and we swear by them. Durable, lightweight, with the ultimate in fine points, our tweezers make lash isolation and pickup a breeze. Most importantly, these tweezers align perfectly, so you'll have no hit and miss picking up volume lashes!

While the shape and style of the tweezers is a personal preference, we're happy to assist if you need help choosing. Most lash techs will have a favourite pair, or even different favourites for different jobs! There is no right and wrong, the choice comes down to what feels comfortable in hand and works best for you.


- Curved Isolation Tweezers or Classic pick up.

- Light weight and balanced.

- 137mm long, with a 5mm hook length at a 45 degree angle.

- Diamond grip handle.

- Made from Japanese surgical steel.

Barbicide and acetone friendly, making cleaning a breeze.

- Perfect for Isolation and/or pick up of Classic lashes for those who prefer a curve.


Our range of tweezers stay balanced and provide perfect pick up for years.

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